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Remove the old Java Telnet app that we haven't used - in a decade?

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The Java(tm) Telnet Applet
There are still some bugs we know of and we will draw attention to during
development. Take a look at
from time to time to get new versions or mail to to get
notified of new versions.
Report bugs to stating the Operating System you use plus
the Web browser or Applet Viewer version. Attach the java console log if
Known BUGS:
* There is still a bug when you try to resize the window too much.
SYMPTOMS: The font/screen rssize gets switched off and the font
is set to default
* Redraw problems on Win* platforms.
1999-04-09 Matthias L. Jugel <>
* modules/ Patched to make it compilable with jdk 1.2
* modules/
There was a bug, when adding an input field the button event handler was not
initialized. :-(
1999-03-20 Marcus Meissner <>
* display/
When linefeeding, we may cross from top into the scrolling region.
bug found & fixed by Greg Doughty <>
* display/
small fixes by Greg Doughty <>
(drawline & brightness for bold attribute)
1999-03-04 Matthias L. Jugel <>
* Default connection goes to the web server
1999-03-03 Marcus Meissner <>
* display/
why did we ignore control-Fx ? seems to have been introduced by 1.22 (Rays patches)
1999-03-01 Marcus Meissner <>
* display/
backspace did not backspace in some editors (ESC[P should delete at least 1 char)
originmode renamed to moveoutsidemargins, some places in code fixed.
(vi O command).
1998-12-01 Marcus Meissner <>
* display/ \xxxx escapes
* localecho = no/yes/auto (auto is default)
1998-08-07 Matthias L. Jugel <>
* display/ *** empty log message ***
1998-03-18 Matthias L. Jugel <>
* display/ patched a scrollbar bug
1998-03-07 Marcus Meissner <>
* display/ *** empty log message ***
* display/ added documentation. a bit ;)
* display/
some changes and additions to function key handling (contributed by Mike Scott <>, cleaned up by me :)
1998-02-24 Matthias L. Jugel <>
* modules/ text is cleared after send
1998-02-23 Matthias L. Jugel <>
* display/
bugfix for unEscape, while even number of chars, it had to end with a
backslash :(
1998-02-17 Marcus Meissner <>
* display/ argl, ESC wasn't replaced
* display/ ARGH. unEscape did not work
1998-02-09 Matthias L. Jugel <>
* socket/,, display/
*** empty log message ***
* download for executables
1997-12-16 Matthias L. Jugel <>
* socket/, *** empty log message ***
* socket/, modules/
a new module, back from the very first version of the telnet ;-)
* display/ *** empty log message ***
* BSX has been added to the modules list for compiling
* modules/ *** empty log message ***
1997-11-07 Marcus Meissner <>
* display/ ESC [ G added
* display/ ESC [ d implemented
1997-11-04 Matthias L. Jugel <>
* modules/
ButtonBar text input field accept the return key now!
1997-11-03 Marcus Meissner <>
* display/ some more originmode fixes
* display/ added 0x2666 , BLACK DIAMOND?
* display/ ESC M fixed
scrollregions/cursorpositioning fixed
didn't scroll when in last line... fixed
1997-11-03 Matthias L. Jugel <>
* modules/ Script now includes dialog popup support
* display/ documentation for F-keys
1997-10-31 Marcus Meissner <>
* display/, display/
ESC [ P fixed (vanishing text in vi I think),
ESC [ @ added (cmdline editing bash),
statusline handling removed again (too broken for good),
misc characterset fixes
1997-10-30 Matthias L. Jugel <>
* modules/
Included support for Dialog prompting, after an idea from
-> albert s boyers <>
* display/ *** empty log message ***
* My version of index.html got corrupted.
I have removed the output of module names from
1997-10-15 Marcus Meissner <>
* display/ hmm, don't need CSI Pn $ - ?
1997-10-15 Matthias L. Jugel <>
* display/, display/
First try on a status line.
1997-10-14 Matthias L. Jugel <>
* display/ *** empty log message ***
1997-10-13 Marcus Meissner <>
* display/ prelim statusline support
* display/
windowBase doesn't belong into calc. of the X cursorposition, Leo!!!
1997-10-10 Matthias L. Jugel <>
* display/ scrollback buffer bug fixed
1997-10-08 Matthias L. Jugel <>
* modules/ Switched back to FlowLayout.
1997-10-07 Marcus Meissner <>
* display/ selectionend underflows fixed too
1997-09-30 Marcus Meissner <>
* display/ 8 bit CSI was wrong
RI added
* display/
fix selection overflows when resizing on Win*
1997-09-05 Marcus Meissner <>
* display/ a bit more debugoutput
1997-09-05 Matthias L. Jugel <>
* socket/ *** empty log message ***
1997-09-05 Marcus Meissner <>
* socket/ new file by George Ruban
* socket/ George Ruban added available
1997-08-30 Marcus Meissner <>
* display/
square root, black square added. one char fixed
* display/
colors by default darker so brightness works better ;)
* display/
fixed focus problem in NS4 by using display.requestFocus instead of just requestFocus
1997-08-29 Marcus Meissner <>
* display/ debuyg off
* display/
report chars >0x100, where no softfont is present.
fixed 1 character, added DARK SHADE, BLACK SQUARE, SQUARE ROOT
1997-08-18 Matthias L. Jugel <>
* modules/ *** empty log message ***
* modules/ GridLayout error
* modules/ changing the configuration...
* display/
small bugfix, setting the font only once in paint()
First attempts to ease module configuration (configuration file)
1997-08-17 Marcus Meissner <>
* display/ @ can now be generated on german keyboards
1997-08-07 Marcus Meissner <>
* display/ added origin mode (vor ESC [ .. H).
fixed tabsetting.
(two vttest problems)
* display/
deleteLine fixed... was copying one line too many
1997-08-02 msmeissn <>
* display/ gr mapping broken
1997-07-25 msmeissn <>
* display/
basic charset handling fixed, charset G2/G3 switchers added. (still lacking)
1997-07-24 Matthias L. Jugel <>
* modules/ gridLayout for ButtonBar
* modules/ *** empty log message ***
* display/
I have fixed the scrollBar bug. Expect a strange looking scrollbar under
Windows 95!, but it works as expected!
There is a bug I cannot explain, when using the "startButton" with
appWrapper. The telnet window will black out when iconizing the
browser window. However, resizing the telnet window redisplays its
1997-07-21 msmeissn <>
* display/ changed bare ESC to \u001b
1997-07-10 msmeissn <>
* display/ --debugoutput
* display/
deleteLine: in case of a specified scroll area, deleteLine's bottom was 1 too less (second part of emacs ^K bug)
1997-07-09 msmeissn <>
* display/ debug off
1997-07-09 Matthias L. Jugel <>
* modules/ a simple applet to display text labels
1997-07-09 msmeissn <>
* display/
CSI Pn M was deleting one less line than desired.... one part of emacs ^K problem fixed
1997-07-08 Matthias L. Jugel <>
* modules/,
reattaching applet when clicking on the space on the web browser
* modules/,,,
Closing the frame of a detached window destroys it!
1997-07-04 msmeissn <>
* display/ decreased memory usage...
* display/
use 8bit control chars only when not using ibmcharset...
* display/ *** empty log message ***
* display/
speed up for softfonts by directly specifying fillrects (not complete)
1997-07-01 Matthias L. Jugel <>
*, *** empty log message ***
* modules/
When no parent window was created, destroy applet window.
* *** empty log message ***
1997-07-01 msmeissn <>
* display/
oops, some TSTATE_xxx weren't switching back to TSTATE_DATA
1997-06-30 Matthias L. Jugel <>
* added more documentation, more changes to come
1997-06-29 Matthias L. Jugel <>
The appWrapper can now only display a button to launch the applet
1997-06-29 msmeissn <>
* display/ use 8bit control chars even when using ibmcharset
* display/ *** empty log message ***
* display/
use cp431 (doslatin1us) instead of cp850 (doslatin1) ... most bbs systems
seem to use this.
* display/ - added softfont capability.
CharDisplay is now able to display softfonts (rendered by SoftFont) and
standard fonts so the loss of speed should be marginal.
- some cleanups in paint()
* display/
a softfont emulator capable to display usually missing UNICODE characters
(currently used for line and boxdrawings in the IBM PC charset)
1997-06-09 msmeissn <>
* display/
don't handle chars as bit-8-set VT sequences when using the IBM charset
1997-06-08 msmeissn <>
* display/
hmm, telnet linefeed string changed from \r\0 to \r\n (CR LF?) (RFC 1123)
1997-05-27 Matthias L. Jugel <>
* display/ there was a nullpointer bug
* tools/ added date and time logging
1997-05-27 msmeissn <>
* display/
a lot of additions and fixes done by "Ray Whitmer <>"
- key handling (esp. function key, return etc.)
- Emulation fixes (a lot of them)
- VMS additions
1997-05-27 Matthias L. Jugel <>
* socket/, display/,,
included version information for online retrieval
1997-05-27 msmeissn <>
* display/ *** empty log message ***
1997-05-27 Matthias L. Jugel <>
* display/ documentation for setScrollbar()
1997-05-26 Matthias L. Jugel <>
* display/, display/
moved the scrollbar to the character display
1997-05-20 msmeissn <>
* display/ changed VTibmcharset to VTcharset
* display/ added docu
* display/ - scratch any \r input from terminal
- ibm charset mapping added
1997-05-08 msmeissn <>
* display/
added restore default color (fore and background) in ESC [ Pn* m
1997-05-06 msmeissn <>
* display/ fixed insertmode ESC [ 4 l/h
1997-05-05 Matthias L. Jugel <>
* display/ some more documentation
* display/
implemented colors: bright + black reveals as dark gray (foreground only)
* display/, display/
added a border to the character display
cursorposition is now set and retrieved by setCursorPos() and getCursorPos()
necessary for future adaption to JDK 1.1
1997-04-29 msmeissn <>
return now sends \r\n to the terminal and \r\0 to the server.
1997-04-18 msmeissn <>
* display/ ESC [ L fixed ... messed up 'vi' o command
1997-04-15 Matthias L. Jugel <>
* tools/
the connecting client gets a message when the remote host is
not available.
1997-04-14 Matthias L. Jugel <>
* telnet will not connect if no host is given as parameter
* tools/ the proxy does not exit when a host is unavailable
* socket/
bugfix: lost connection is now detected immediately
* modules/ 3D-status bar and info Button
* display/ rudimentary support for copy&paste
* added compilation of MudConnector to Makefile
1997-04-10 msmeissn <>
* display/
deleteLine ... nicht size.height, sondern bottom.
fixt ein 'vim' Problem
1997-04-04 Matthias L. Jugel <>
* does not exit when no destination is given.
* modules/, modules/
MudConnector is a new module designed for Andrew Cowans
It loads a file of muds plus addresses to connect to. WOrks only in
connection with a proxy server!
1997-04-04 msmeissn <>
* socket/ SGI problem fixed.
* socket/ *** empty log message ***
1997-03-24 Matthias L. Jugel <>
* modules/, modules/, modules/
module interface changed: receive() now returns a String or null
removed the script module from testpage and changed the module interface
1997-03-19 Matthias L. Jugel <>
* modules/, modules/, modules/
Modules are now notified of connect() and disconnect()
added notification of modules upon connect and disconnect
1997-03-19 msmeissn <>
* display/
delete left frtom cursor was leaving out 1 element
* display/ use enough tabs....
1997-03-18 msmeissn <>
* display/ total reformatiert auf zweier spaces
1997-03-18 Matthias L. Jugel <>
* display/ fixed a bug when resizing the screen
1997-03-18 msmeissn <>
* display/ layout(0 statt display.resize9)
* display/ und nochnmal
* display/ ESC [ nr P added
first try at 132/80 resize
1997-03-18 Matthias L. Jugel <>
* display/ *** empty log message ***
* modules/
It seems that \27 != ^[ (escape). Now the \e escape should work.
* display/
Don't initialize, when a character display exists.
This should fix the detaching problem, where the screen was blank after
it was added to the external frame.
1997-03-17 Matthias L. Jugel <>
* modules/ added documentation for the \e character
1997-03-13 Matthias L. Jugel <>
* display/ fixed bug in documentation VTrows default is 24
1997-03-12 Matthias L. Jugel <>
* modules/ fixed bug in send text from input field
* minor changes
1997-03-05 Matthias L. Jugel <>
* modules/, modules/, display/
added documentation
* modules/
moved the documentation from index.html to this source file
* fixed bug in connect
* modules/ port number bug
* display/ documentation changes
*,,, display/, display/, display/, display/, modules/, modules/, modules/, socket/, socket/,, tools/
Initial CVS Registering
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