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These are some important notes if you are upgrading from a previous
version of Digital Distortion Archive Viewer:

- If you are upgrading from version 1.02, you no longer need DDAVBaja.src
and DDAVBaja.bin.  Make sure that in your Viewable Files configuration in
SCFG, you are using DDArcViewer.js.

- In SCFG, the argument passed to the archive viewer now should be %f
(instead of %s as in previous versions).  To change this, run SCFG,
select "File Options", then "Viewable Files".  For each file type where
you're using Digital Distortion Archive Viewer, the command should be as
follows (except that you should make sure the path to the script is
correct for your system):
?DDArcViewer.js %f

The reason that %f is now used is that %f provides double-quotes around
filenames in case the filenames contain spaces, whereas %s does not.