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This file lists all of the changes made for each release of the Digital
Distortion File Lister.

Revision History (change log)
Version  Date         Description
-------  ----         -----------
8 9
2.05a    2022-03-13   Fix for "fileDesc is not defined" error when displaying
                      the file description on the main screen.
10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17
2.05     2022-03-12   Now makes use of the user's extended file description
                      setting: If the user's extended file description setting
                      is enabled, the lister will now show extended file
                      descriptions on the main screen in a split format, with
                      the lightbar file list on the left and the extended file
                      description for the highlighted file on the right.  Also,
                      made the file info window taller for terminals within 25
                      lines high.
18 19
2.04     2022-03-09   Bug fix: Now successfully formats filenames without
                      extensions when listing files.
20 21 22 23
2.03     2022-02-27   For terminals over 80 rows tall, the file info window will
                      now be up to 45 rows tall.  Also, fixed the display of the
                      trailing blocks for the list header for wide terminals
                      (over 80 columns).
24 25 26 27 28 29
2.02     2022-02-13   Added the ability to do a file search (via filespec,
                      description, or new files since last scan).  A command-
                      line parameter, -MODE, specifies which search to perform
                      (search_filename, search_description, or new_file_search
                      for searching; list_curdir lists files in the user's
                      current directory, which is the default).
30 31
2.01     2022-02-07   Fixed file description being undefined when viewing file
                      info.  Fixed command bar refreshing when pressing the
32 33
                      hotkeys.  Added an option to pause after viewing a file
                      (defaults to true).
2.00     2022-02-06   Initial version.