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    Improvements to linux dosemu support · 0bf85543
    phareous authored and Rob Swindell's avatar Rob Swindell committed
    The hardcoded external.bat file has been moved to a templated
    /exec/external.bat which can be modified by the sysop. ENV
    vars are in there to be able to customize as needed. emusetup.bat
    is no longer needed, but still supported. The actual dosemu command line
    is now stored in /exec/dosemulaunch.ini and can be customized for
    fossil or i/o command lines. the keystroke is now only sent for i/o, and
    only sent as \n instead of \r which would trigger undesired behavior in
    certain programs. The above 2 files can also be placed in door dirs
    to override. ansi.com has been removed as it was not needed. default
    external.bat includes cmd lines for share, x00, etc. (user will still
    need to provide these in xtrn/dosutils).