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    <Deuce> ... billion-and-one result of comparison of constant 100000 warnings. · 22d6cf8d
    Rob Swindell authored
    So Clang-FreeBSD was warning (in compiles of scfg/scfg*.c by Deuce):
    result of comparison of constant 100000 with expression of type 'uint16_t'
    (aka 'unsigned short') is always true
    Why? Cause a uint16_t's max value is 65535 (less than 100000). Sure we could
    have just lowered the UIFC max number of config items to 65535, but that would
    have been too easy. And why are these compared-with values of type uint16_t to
    begin with? Because most ctrl/*.cnf lists (of configuration items) were
    limited to 65535 entries cause ... 16-bit DOS, historically. Now that *.cnf
    files aren't used, we could just increase these scfg_t.*_total type sizes from
    16 to 32-bits, yeah? The result is this commit.
    I went to (signed) int so we could still keep -1 as the special illegal
    sub/dir num value (e.g. INVALID_SUB, which is sometimes used to indicate the
    email message base). Theoretically, 2 billion configuration items could be
    supported in these lists, but SCFG will limit you to 100000 anyway. So there's
    a whole lot of s/uint/int in this commit.
    I'd be very surprised if this doesn't result in some new GCC/Clang warnings,
    but at least the old "comparison of constant 100000" warnings are now gone!