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    Add support for MinGW-w64 · 1dc1a6b9
    Deucе authored
    MinGW32 is getting long in the tooth and is missing a lot of modern
    Windows features as well as having broken headers.  Most people will
    be using MinGW-w64 at this point, so add support for it.  Once I
    ensure SyncTERM works properly with it, MinGW32 support will be
    I suspect this will impact exactly zero people since the reason this
    exists is to build the Win32 versions of SyncTERM on FreeBSD.
    - Explicitly request 32-bit Windows output
    - Detect the string "mingw32" anywhere in the hardware description
    - Explicitly link with libuuid
    - Add a terrible hack to syncterm.c to block wincrypt.h