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    Add option to create drop files in node's temp directory. · 2014777c
    Rob Swindell authored
    Enabling this feature causes the node's temp directory to be cleared before
    running the external program and causes the drop file(s) to be created-in and
    read back from (when appropriate) the node's temp directory.
    Creating drop files in a node's temp directory eliminates the possiblity of
    an external program (e.g. door game) accidentally reading the wrong drop
    file (e.g. wrong-cased name or a stale file of a different type).
    Note: Synchronet/XSDK doors *always* read their drop file (xtrn.dat) from the
    node directory, so don't try to use this option with those doors. Only doors
    where you can configure the drop file path or specify on the command-line
    (e.g. %g for the temp dir or %f for the fullpath of the drop file) should
    potentially use this new feature.
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