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    Beginnings of a massive ciolib overhaul... · 210cc022
    deuce authored
    We're switching to TrueColor now, and maintaining a 65536 entry palette
    for the various palettized bits.  This change hurts the overlay output most
    since it currently means floating point calculations for every pixel.
    The getfont() function now takes a fontnum argument so you can get all the
    current fonts.
    The vmem array now holds the font data, so once a glyph is written to the
    screen, it can stay in that font "forever".  This still has some issues
    with savescreen()/restorescreen() since there's no extension to grab the new
    stuff... that'll be coming soon, likely replacing the pgettext() and
    pputtext() functions.  For now, various popups will likely reset fonts to
    the default font on the screen.
    Now that we have all this, the status bar in SyncTERM can retain the default
    font and colours at all times.  Further, menus can be displayed in the "right"
    colours and fonts, and no more translation will be needed.  This is a work
    in progress though, so there's likely to be glitches.  The scrollback doesn't
    have the font data either (same issue as savescreen()/restorescreen()).
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