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    SBBSecho v3.0: · 2205e969
    rswindell authored
    - If you are upgrading from SBBSecho v2.x, run "jsexec sbbsecho_upgrade.js"
      to convert your ctrl/sbbsecho.cfg to the new ctrl/sbbsecho.ini.
    - Major code overhaul/re-write/modernization
    - ArcMail/Attach/FD mode NOT TESTED: beware if you're using this style mailer!
    - New features:
    + Easier to manage configuration file (sbbsecho.ini)
    + Multiple sysop aliases supported (for receiving netmail)
    + Mutual-exclusion-lock file (ctrl/sbbsecho.bsy) to prevent accidental
       concurrent invocations of SBBSecho
    + FileBoxes (optional inbox and outbox per node, only in BSO mode)
    + EchoList 4-char "flags" are now 25-char "keys" and much easier to deal with
    + Maximum msg age configurable for NetMail and EchoMail (separately)
    + Configurable "Area Manager" user name (default: SYSOP)
    + Configurable "Default Recipient" for netmail (default: SYSOP)
    + Far fewer command-line options, more settings in EchoCfg
    + Old command-lines will still work, but most of the legacy options are just
       ignored now. Run "sbbsecho -?" for command-line syntax and options.
    Other improvements:
    + All Fido kludes, including PATH and SEEN-BY lines are stored in the
       Synchronet Message Base, always (can't be disabled)
    + Better security for inbound EchoMail (passwords are always enforced)
    + More comprehensive log output (the log output is more of a priority than the
      console output now)
    + Increased accuracy for recipient user name/alias matching
    + Higher-level of uniqueness to generated packet filenames
    + All temporary files (e.g. packets in process) are created in an
       SBBSecho-specific temporary file directory
    + No longer auto-terminates when any local key is pressed: use Ctrl-C/Break
       instead to initiate a graceful premature termination
    + Much more help text in echocfg
    + Better organization of settings in echocfg
    + Optional per-node "comments" for use in echocfg->Linked Nodes