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    More UTF-8 fun: · 3313a87e
    rswindell authored
    - bstrlen() moved to sbbs_t, accepts an option pmode argument so it can account
      for UTF-8 encoded strings correctly
    - JS console.strlen() now accepts an optional pmode argument (e.g. P_UTF8)
    - Renamed sbbs_t::utf8_to_cp437 to sbbs_t::print_utf8_as_cp437
    - Create/use msghdr_hfield() to perform UTF-8->CP437 conversions as needed for
      printing/copying UTF-8 encoded message header fields.
    - Defined XTRN_UTF8 misc setting flag. If a message editor does *not* have this
      flag, it is assumed to *not* support UTF-8. Will likely use this for UTF-8
      doors as some point too (none known to exist, yet).