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    Fix bug reported by Mark Lewis (Rampage@SESTAR), when packing NetMail messages · 41ed7a56
    rswindell authored
    (from stored messages in .msg files into packets), the origin net/node within
    the  *packed message* header would be set to the local system's address
    net/node (for the destination zone), always. This is the appropriate action
    when packing EchoMail, but not for NetMail.
    Now, there are lot of other header fields in the packed message that contain
    the source/origin address (e.g. @FMPT, @INTL kludges) and those would reflect
    the original origin address still. And these fields take precedence over the
    orign net/node fields of the packed message header. So I'm not sure this bug
    would actually cause any problems anywhere, but it was a bug all the same.