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    SBBSecho v3.02: · 4f84221d
    rswindell authored
    Most of the changes are in EchoCfg:
    - SBBSecho and EchoCfg will now maintain auto-backups of the sbbsecho.ini file
    - AutoAddSubs now defaults to true/enabled: this setting is harmless without
      further configuring linked nodes (Uplink for Groups / GroupHub)
    - Global Settings are now a separate sub-menu in EchoCfg
    - EchoCfg remembers current selection on (more) sub-menus
    - Sub-menus have been rearranged and resized
    - Numerous Online Help text updates in EchoCfg
    - Adding missing/new settings to EchoCfg:
      Log Timestamp Format
      Strict Packet Passwords
      Use FTN Domain/Zone Map
      BSY Mutex File Timeout
      BSO Lock Attempt Delay
      BSO Lock Attempt Limit
      Config File Backups
      Linked Nodes->Uplink for Message Groups
      Echo Statistics File
      Outgoing Semaphore File
      Automatically Add New Subs to Area File
      Maximum Backups to Maintain of Area File
      Relay Filtered Messages
      (everything you can set in sbbsecho.ini should now be editable via EchoCfg)