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    Dates in drop files are always MM/DD/YY, never DD/MM/YY · 5f87852d
    Rob Swindell authored
    Previously, if a sysop had set SCFG->System->Toggles->European Date Format (DD/MM/YY) to "Yes", then many of the dates in drop files would have been written in this format. Unfortunately, since most BBS doors and door development kits were written by Americans, MM/DD/YY format is always assumed. So fixed that (using new TM_MONTH macro too).
    Also, line 37 ("Event Time") of DOOR.SYS was always 00:00, now it'll be the next event time (in HH:MM format). Unfortunately, that time might be tomorrow or days away and there's no way to represent *that* fact in the DOOR.SYS file format. <shrug>
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