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    SBBSecho should be able to run withOUT an area file (areas.bbs file). · 5fd5ae24
    rswindell authored
    This requires that the AutoAddSubs=true in sbbsecho.ini (the default) and if
    you don't want an area file created/updated with new subs, just set new option
    Both of these options default to true which is the same as the previous
    behavior: if you have a link that configured to hub for a msg group, any subs
    not already in the area list/file will be considered new and added dynamically.
    So what's new here is that you can set SBBSecho not to create or update an
    area file and SBBSecho will run just fine if no area file exists or contains no
    area definitions.
    Incremented version to 3.09.