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    1. Fixed "always syslog" mode Used to force log output to syslog even when · 7ca2cf57
    rswindell authored
       not daemonized: log output would be repeated (once with a timestamp in
       the log string, once without). Now direct calls to lputs/lprintf from
       sbbscon.c won't go to syslog (in this mode), but I think that's okay.
    2. Change the prompt when terminating the servers: replace the ?=help and
       colon implying you can enter commands with just "Termianting..." since
       you can't actually type commands while a terminate is in progress.
    3. Output the inactivity timeout values when waiting for servers to
       terminate (e.g. because they'res till in use).
    4. Report IP addresses in square-brackes in the client ('c' command) output
       to differentiate from hostnames.