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    Detect/display menu files, even if only a .ans version exists · 9ac7335f
    Rob Swindell authored
    I'm so tired of this 30 year old frequently asked question.
    If a sysop really wants their Synchronet BBS to only work correctly for ANSI users, I suppose that should be their prerogative.
    I always felt that by not detecting/displaying menu files when the minimum set of files was not present, I was helping sysops to identify an issue with their system (which would not work correctly for non-ANSI users). *And* I always felt that having a single menu/display file that correctly supported both ANSI and non-ANSI users was a nice convenience (who really wants to maintain multiple versions of their menu files?). But I'm so tired of answering this question, I just give up.
    Hopefully this doesn't break anything for anyone. <shrug>