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    Change TO_NET and FROM_NET @-code logic and revert last change to show_msghdr() · 9b5374c4
    rswindell authored
    - it actually *is* an expected condition that a to_net.addr or from_net.addr
    msg header field is populated with a valid address (string) even though the
    to_net.type or from_net.type value is NET_NONE.
    The nntpservice.js and newslink.js modules rely on this behavior to display
    and export local NNTP-posters' email addresses in message headers, but still be
    able to identify newslink-imported messages as *not* local (the from_net.type =
    NET_INTERNET) and thus not export them back to the network.
    This was not the original intention behind these header fields in SMB, but it
    was retrofitted to support this condition 10+ years ago and I forgot.