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    The "DOS" ARS keyword has just been a "false" trigger since v3 (1999) but · b03b6511
    rswindell authored
    I have a new use for it in the v3 Terminal Server, it now follows the
    "NO_DOS" option in the [bbs] section of the sbbs.ini file. So if you have
    multiple Win32 instances of sbbs (like I do), but only some of them
    support DOS programs, you can now use this ARS keyword to enable/disable
    access to a program based on the existance of DOS support. For example,
    I have some 16-bit DOS message editors where I had the ARS set to
    "WIN32", but on my 64-bit Windows instance of sbbs (vert.synchro.net),
    16-bit DOS programs aren't supported while on my 32-bit Windows instance
    (bbs.synchro.net) they are. So I needed a good run-time check for whether
    DOS programs were supported or not and this old ARS keyword seemed the
    right fit. For Linux builds, this keyword will only evaluate to true if
    built with the USE_DOSEMU option.
    This is only true of the Terminal Server - use of "DOS" ARS keyword in
    other servers and services will still just evaluate to "false".
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