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    Numerous changes: · b43e1c82
    rswindell authored
    - Fixed line counter/return value of sockmimetext() - did not count last line
    if not \n terminated.
    - If a POP3 "TOP" command is used to request more lines than there are bytes
    in message body, just send all lines and don't log an error.
    - JS mailproc error reporting and log() method now includes the mail-proc
    name and the "SMTP" log prefix. "JavaScript:" is no longer included as part
    of the log() output since that is implied by the mailproc name.
    - js_mailproc() now reuses the same runtime, context, and global object to
    speed up the initialization/execution of multiple JS mailprocs per message.
    - Beginning support for messages to be bounced back to mailprocs (e.g.
    ListServer), specifically by ignoring bounces of SMTP sys messages
    (instead of all non-person agent types). More work in bounce() is needed.