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    Daily maintenance log output now goes to the event log (or the terminal · b4f888d4
    rswindell authored
    server log) using the new magic sbbs_t::lputs().
    No more SSH errors if an SSH client's IP is blocked in ip.can (trying to send
    the block msg).
    New SSHConnectTimeout cfg value (in sbbs.ini [BBS]), defaults to 10 seconds.
    Previously, fails SSH connections could block the bbs_thread for 30 seconds
    (the Cryptlib default network connection timeout).
    Overhauled a lot of the SSH-related log output to make it less chatty and more
    getmail() is now more flexibility with regards to filtering by attribute flags
    (not just SPAM).
    Allow SPAM header attribute to be toggled with sysop 'C' command.