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    Move login username/number parsing into a the C++ code (from login.js) since we · be7a590d
    rswindell authored
    need that internal for SSH and RLogin support of fast-logons.
    So, now, even if logging in via SSH or Rlogin, the sys_status SS_FASTLOGON
    flag will be set when the user specifies "!username-or-number" during logon and
    then the logon.js can use that to determine what to display (or not) to the
    user, during logon.
    The QWK logon support ("*username-or-number") is also handled in this new
    sbbs_t method: parse_login().
    This means the fast_logon_char is no longer configurable (hard-coded to '!')
    and the modopts.ini options are going to be parsed by logon.js from the [logon]
    section (not the [login] section).
    You still must set fast_logon=true in the [logon] section of modopts.ini to
    enable the fast-logon option for users.
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