Synchronet now requires the libarchive development package (e.g. libarchive-dev on Debian-based Linux distros, for more info) to build successfully.

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    Use default calling convention (__cdecl) for DLL funcs in Borland builds. · bf82a889
    rswindell authored
    Fix age-old bug with Borland/C++Builder built executables (Windows):
    to achieve compatibility with  the default __cdecl symbol naming rules of
    Visual C++, we were using __stdcall convention for DLL functions when
    building code with Borland/C++Builder tools and using the default (__cdecl)
    convention when building with Microsoft (Visual C++) tools. Although this
    allowed symbols to be located when linking, the calling convention mismatch
    caused a stack cleanup issue that very rarely manifested itself in a bug
    (e.g. exception of some kind in sbbsctrl.exe, usually). Mismatching
    the calling conventions was unintentional (I thought the default for MSVC
    DLL functions was __stdcall) - but since the calls to MSVC-Built DLL functions
    worked 99% of the time, I didn't realize there was an underlying issue. So I
    now work-around the DLL symbol naming mismatch using a command-line option (-a)
    passed to implib in src/sbbs3/ctrl/makelibs.bat
    I had p...
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