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    Complete QWKE support (using MultiMail for testing): · c9f6aaa5
    rswindell authored
    Create and include in packet TOREADER.EXT if QWKEsupport is enabled
    (MultiMail keys of this file for QWKE support, so without, no QWKE features are
    enabled in MultiMail).
    Parse TODOOR.EXT if included in REP packets (for adding/dropping subs or
    setting/resetting pointers).
    Parse To:, From:, and Subject: QWKE kludge lines and use if/when appropriate
    (e.g. to defeat QWK 25-char header field limits).
    Create To:, From:, and Subject: QWKE kludge lines in QWK/REP packets when
    QWKE support is enabled and those fields exceed QWK limits (25 chars).
    Also, legacy SyncQNET kludge lines (@VIA, @TZ, etc.) may now exist in the
    top of the message body in any order.
    Note: current versions of MultiMail do not support "To" fields > 25 chars, even
    in QWKE mode (though I have a patch pending) and do not (yet) support
    Synchronet HEADERS.DAT file (rendering QWKE kludges unnecessary).
    These are major changes in the QWK/REP creation/parsing code, so testing
    (especially with QWKE-compliant offline readers) and bug reports are welcome!