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    Bug-fix: Support [node:<addr>@<domain>] sections in AreaFix changes. · cae53945
    rswindell authored
    When processing area manager netmail messages, SBBSecho can modify
    (add/change) keys in the [node:*] section of the sbbsecho.ini file. Although
    SBBSecho would read node sections that had a domain (e.g. 5D address) just fine
    when processing area manager changes and writing those changes back to the
    sbbsecho.ini, only 4D addresses (no "@domain") were used in the section naming.
    This could result in duplicate node sections being created in the sbbsecho.ini
    file (one with a "@domain", one without) and then "bad things" could happen
    (e.g. BinkP authentication failures, packet authentication failures, etc.).
    Now, when SBBSecho writes linked-node setting to the sbbsecho.ini, it first
    checks for the full 5D address of the node and if that section exists, modify
    it, otherwise fall-through to the 3D/4D address of the node for the sectoin