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    smbutil v2.34: · e09f8756
    rswindell authored
    - Added 'R' (capital 'R') command, which can be used to repair a corrupted
      "SMB header" and status header in the *.shd file. The status header
      fields "max_msgs", "max_crcs", and "max_age" are not recovered (just
      initialized to 0) since we don't have those configuration settings in
      smbutil. Modifying the base configuration in SCFG and saving changes
      will recover those values.
    - Added '-C' (capital 'C') option: to continue to open a msg base even when
      some forms of SMB header corruption are detected. This option may be used
      in combination with some commands (e.g. 'c' and 'R') to recover a
      corrupted message base.
    Command-line options were previously not case-sensistive (all options were
    treated the same regardless of letter case) - now, most options are still
    treated the same regardless of case, but newer options will be redefining
    the uppercase equivalent (e.g. '-C' is now not the same as '-c').
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