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    Better sysop availability (for chat) visibility/toggleability · e59866e3
    Rob Swindell authored
    - JS system.operator_available property (read/writeable)
    - SYSAVAIL @-code which expands to LiSysopAvailable or LiSysopNotAvailable
      (use the new SYSAVAIL @-code in the chat menu to show availabilty to chat)
    - ;avail sysop command (in str_cmds.js) to toggle sysop availability
    - Changed LiSysopIs text.dat string to be a format string (include %s) and
      the trailing \r\n, so that it can be used in str_cmds.js or anywhere else
      to report sysop availability to chat, or can be set to blank string to
      display nothing (this would not work previously).