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    Add support for the SSH "none" auth method. · f4d43d13
    Deucе authored
    This is used by some BBSs to enable encryption without needing to
    integrate the BBS user base into their SSH server (and presumably
    so they don't need to run multiple SSH servers).  All users log in
    with the same username (ie: "bbs") and no password is requested or
    Once the BBS starts, it prompts for the BBS user name and password
    as normal.
    In SyncTERM, the user/password/syspass fields are redefined as
    SSHuser/BBSuser/BBSpassword and they are moved around when you
    change the connection type.  This means that if you change a listing
    that has a syspass to SSH (no auth) and back, the syspass is lost.
    I'm not sure if I plan to fix this or not.
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