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    Overhaul statistics files · 908a31be
    Rob Swindell authored
    */dsts.dab (daily statistics and running totals) -> */dsts.ini
    */csts.dab (cumulative statistics / log) -> */csts.tab
    * dsts.ini now has both daily and total stats for all fields (not just timeon and logons).
    * dsts.ini is now an easily modifiable text file - no longer need dstsedit (here-by deprecated and soon to be deleted)
    * dsts.ini and csts.tab support 64-bit upload/download byte stats and are very extensible for future fields to be added or extended > 32-bit (this was the main inspiration for this overhaul, but it was overdue and already designed for v4, pretty much)
    * csts.tab is a tab-delimited fixed length record format suitable for easy import to a spreadsheet program or parsing with scripts. Each day is a 128-character LF-delimited record with tab-delimited fields of plain ASCII text.
    * All fields except timeon in dsts.ini files are updated immediately and by more non-terminal servers (e.g. post statistics from web UI scripts).
    * New user stats are tracked more than just for "today".
    The upgrade of these files is automatic and built-into SBBS.
    Still to do: overhaul the slog utility to support the new csts.tab file format.