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    Address a couple of concerns from Accession: · fb7ff33b
    rswindell authored
    Don't add TZUTC kludge lines to exported netmail and echomail messages when
    there is already a TZUTC FidoNet control line in the message header (unexpected
    but apparently, GoldEd+ does this).
    If there are other duplicate FTN control/kludge lines created by SBBSecho
    exporting messages added to SMBs by GoldEd+, we should address those too, even
    though I believe in most cases, you should configure the editor to *not* add
    these header fields in the first place.
    Do not convert exisiting Origin Line's to effectively comments (replacing *
    with # in " * Origin") if the current sub-board has been configured to not add
    network tag/origin-lines.