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Add instructions to use symlink and 'systemctl edit sbbs' for over-rides

I think this addresses issue #403, at least in part.
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# Synchronet BBS systemd 'unit configuration' file
# 1. Copy this file to the correct directory
# 1. Copy or symlink this file to the correct directory
# e.g. for Debian/Ubuntu Linux, that would be: /lib/systemd/system
# 2. If necessary, modify the SBBSCTRL environment variable value to match your install
# 3. If necessary, modify the User and Group values to match your install
# 4. If necessary, modify the path in the ExecStart value to match your install
# Edits should be made using "systemctl edit sbbs", thus creating the file:
# /etc/systemd/system/sbbs.service.d/override.conf
# 5. Enable the BBS service by running "systemctl enable sbbs"
# 6. To run the BBS service without rebooting, run "systemctl start sbbs"
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