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Create the pack*.now with fmutex() to prevent simultaneous QWK packs

Probably only a problem on Vertrauen, but some QWKnet nodes, for some unknown reason, like to FTP-connect multiple times concurrently and request to download a QWK packet. This creates a race condition where the QWK packet gets created/downloaded/deleted before the second FTP connection can successfully download the same file, thus logging an error "opening file " on the server (VERT). So if the pack*.now file already exists, reject the download request. "What are doing?" is what I really want to ask these nodes, but better just throw them an error response and quietly move on.
parent 07c561f9
......@@ -5080,9 +5080,14 @@ static void ctrl_thread(void* arg)
if(!fexistcase(qwkfile)) {
lprintf(LOG_INFO,"%04d <%s> creating QWK packet...",sock,user.alias);
lprintf(LOG_ERR,"%04d <%s> !ERROR creating semaphore file: %s"
,sock, user.alias, str);
if(!fmutex(str, startup->host_name, /* max_age: */60 * 60)) {
lprintf(LOG_WARNING, "%04d <%s> !ERROR %d creating mutex-semaphore file: %s"
,sock, user.alias, errno, str);
sockprintf(sock,sess,"451 Packet creation already in progress (are you logged-in concurrently?)");
while(fexist(str) && !terminate_server) {
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