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Beautification/typo of MsgBase methods by_offset blurb.

parent dd937a0b
......@@ -3062,12 +3062,12 @@ js_msgbase_constructor(JSContext *cx, uintN argc, jsval *arglist)
js_DescribeSyncConstructor(cx,obj,"To create a new MsgBase object: "
"<tt>var msgbase = new MsgBase('<i>code</i>')</tt><br>"
"where <i>code</i> is a sub-board internal code, or <tt>mail</tt> for the e-mail message base."
"The MsgBase retrieval methods that accept a <tt>by_offset</tt> argument as their optional first boolean argument "
"will interpret the following <i>number</i> argument as either a 1-based unique message number (by_offset=<tt>false</tt>) "
"or a 0-based message index-offset (by_offset=<tt>true</tt>). Retrieving messages by offset is faster than by number or "
"message-id (string). Passing an existing message header to the retrieval methods that support it (e.g. <tt>get_msg_body()</tt>) "
"is the even faster. "
"is even faster. "
js_CreateArrayOfStrings(cx, obj, "_property_desc_list", msgbase_prop_desc, JSPROP_READONLY);
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