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Fix up the directory internal code suffix help text

... more aligned with a sub-board's internal code help text.
parent 86e39e82
......@@ -976,8 +976,13 @@ void dir_cfg(uint libnum)
"it internally. This code should be descriptive of the directory's\n"
"contents, usually an abbreviation of the directory's name.\n"
"`Note:` The internal code is constructed from the file library's code prefix\n"
"(if present) and the directory's code suffix.\n"
"`Note:` The Internal Code (displayed) is the complete internal code\n"
"constructed from the file library's `Code Prefix` (if present) and the\n"
"directory's `Code Suffix`.\n"
"Changing a directory's internal code (suffix or prefix) changes the\n"
"underlying database filenames used for that file area, so change these\n"
"values with caution."
char* dir_transfer_path_help =
"`Transfer File Path:`\n"
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