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*always* set the KILLSENT attribute flag on email/netmail received for relay...

*always* set the KILLSENT attribute flag on email/netmail received for relay via SMTP (regardless of the Internet/Fido netmail setting in SCFG).
The sender should already have a copy (e.g. in their outbox), if they want to keep it.
parent a84ae15a
......@@ -3811,8 +3811,7 @@ static void smtp_thread(void* arg)
i=savemsg(&scfg, &smb, &msg, &client, startup->host_name, msgbuf, /* remsg: */NULL);
if(smb_countattachments(&smb, &msg, msgbuf) > 0)
msg.hdr.auxattr |= MSG_MIMEATTACH;
msg.hdr.netattr |= MSG_KILLSENT;
msg.hdr.netattr |= MSG_KILLSENT;
if(i!=SMB_SUCCESS) {
......@@ -3879,9 +3878,7 @@ static void smtp_thread(void* arg)
smb_hfield_add_str(&newmsg, SMTPRECEIVED, hdrfield, /* insert: */TRUE);
if(nettype == NET_FIDO) {
newmsg.hdr.netattr |= MSG_LOCAL;
msg.hdr.netattr |= MSG_KILLSENT;
newmsg.hdr.netattr |= MSG_LOCAL | MSG_KILLSENT;
char* tp = strchr(rcpt_name, '@');
if(tp != NULL)
*tp = 0;
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