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Resolve GCC warning about function prototype mismatch

warning: passing argument 2 of ‘mosquitto_message_callback_set’ from incompatible pointer type
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......@@ -420,9 +420,11 @@ static int lprintf(int (*lputs)(int level, const char* str), int level, const ch
static void mqtt_message_received(struct mosquitto* mosq, struct startup* startup, const struct mosquitto_message* msg)
static void mqtt_message_received(struct mosquitto* mosq, void* cbdata, const struct mosquitto_message* msg)
char topic[128];
struct startup* startup = (struct startup*)cbdata;
// lprintf(LOG_DEBUG, "MQTT message received (%d bytes) on %s", msg->payloadlen, msg->topic);
if(startup->type == SERVER_TERM) {
bbs_startup_t* bbs_startup = (bbs_startup_t*)startup;
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