Commit 2225ced7 authored by echicken's avatar echicken 🐔
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But also, this needs some revision since I'm supposed to send
the header all at once and probably shouldn't be doing a bunch
of individual sendBin calls.
parent a6cb6cc4
......@@ -104,7 +104,7 @@ try {
FServerSocket.sendBin(36, 2);
FServerSocket.sendBin(inet_pton(client.ip_address), 4);
FServerSocket.sendBin(inet_pton(TARGET_IP_ADDRESS_GOES_HERE), 4);
FServerSocket.sendBin(inet_pton(FServerSocket.remote_ip_address), 4);
FServerSocket.sendBin(client.port, 2);
FServerSocket.sendBin(TargetPort, 2);
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