Commit 27e3468a authored by Rob Swindell's avatar Rob Swindell 💬
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Store connecting-client information (e.g. IP address) in file

by default, client.ini in the current working directory.
Configurable filename via ClientFile key in the root section of svdm.ini.
parent 25402c37
......@@ -75,6 +75,7 @@ struct {
bool terminate_on_disconnect;
ulong data_rate;
bool server_echo;
char client_file[MAX_PATH + 1];
char busy_notice[INI_MAX_VALUE_LEN];
char answer_banner[INI_MAX_VALUE_LEN];
enum {
......@@ -688,13 +689,25 @@ char* answer(struct modem* modem)
socklen_t addrlen = sizeof(addr);
sock = accept(listening_sock, (SOCKADDR*)&addr, &addrlen);
if(sock == INVALID_SOCKET) {
dprintf("accept returned %d (errno=%ld)", sock, WSAGetLastError());
dprintf("!accept returned %d (errno=%ld)", sock, WSAGetLastError());
return response(modem, NO_CARRIER);
char tmp[256];
dprintf("Connection accepted from TCP port %hu at %s", inet_addrport(&addr), inet_addrtop(&addr, tmp, sizeof(tmp)));
if(cfg.client_file[0]) {
FILE* fp = fopen(cfg.client_file, "wt");
if(fp == NULL)
dprintf("!Error %d creating '%s'", errno, cfg.client_file);
else {
fprintf(fp, "sock=%d\n", sock);
fprintf(fp, "addr=%s\n", inet_addrtop(&addr, tmp, sizeof(tmp)));
fprintf(fp, "port=%u\n", inet_addrport(&addr));
fprintf(fp, "prot=%s\n", protocol(mode));
if(mode == TELNET) {
if(cfg.server_echo) {
......@@ -1008,9 +1021,10 @@ bool read_ini(const char* ini_fname)
const char* p = iniGetString(ini, ROOT_SECTION, "BusyNotice", NULL, value);
if(p != NULL)
SAFECOPY(cfg.busy_notice, p);
p = iniGetString(ini, ROOT_SECTION, "AnswerBanner", NULL, value);
if(p != NULL)
if((p = iniGetString(ini, ROOT_SECTION, "AnswerBanner", NULL, value)) != NULL)
SAFECOPY(cfg.answer_banner, p);
if((p = iniGetString(ini, ROOT_SECTION, "ClientFile", NULL, value)) != NULL)
SAFECOPY(cfg.client_file, p);
return true;
......@@ -1040,6 +1054,7 @@ int main(int argc, char** argv)
cfg.server_echo = TRUE;
cfg.port = IPPORT_TELNET;
cfg.address_family = ADDRESS_FAMILY_UNSPEC;
SAFECOPY(cfg.client_file, "client.ini");
SAFECOPY(cfg.busy_notice, "\r\nSorry, not available right now\r\n");
SAFEPRINTF(cfg.answer_banner, "\r\n" TITLE " v" VERSION " Copyright %s Rob Swindell\r\n", &__DATE__[7]);
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