Synchronet now requires the libarchive development package (e.g. libarchive-dev on Debian-based Linux distros, for more info) to build successfully.

Commit 289ee122 authored by rswindell's avatar rswindell


Always call recv() when select() says the passthru_socket is readable, even
if the outbuf is full. This resolves an issue where the disconnection of the
passthru_socket would not be detected if the outbuf was full (e.g. the
output_thread stopped running).
Also, check if RingBufWrite() returns a short-write count and log the values
(actual versus expected write byte count).
parent e3892691
......@@ -2172,10 +2172,11 @@ void passthru_thread(void* arg)
,sbbs->cfg.node_num, ERROR_VALUE, sbbs->passthru_socket);
if(RingBufFree(&sbbs->outbuf) < sizeof(inbuf) * 2)
rd = RingBufFree(&sbbs->outbuf);
if(rd > sizeof(inbuf))
rd = sizeof(inbuf);
rd = recv(sbbs->passthru_socket, inbuf, sizeof(inbuf), 0);
rd = recv(sbbs->passthru_socket, inbuf, rd, 0);
if(rd == SOCKET_ERROR)
......@@ -2195,8 +2196,13 @@ void passthru_thread(void* arg)
if(rd == 0)
lprintf(LOG_DEBUG,"Node %d passthru disconnected", sbbs->cfg.node_num);
char ch;
if(recv(sbbs->passthru_socket, &ch, sizeof(ch), MSG_PEEK) == 0) {
lprintf(LOG_DEBUG,"Node %d passthru disconnected", sbbs->cfg.node_num);
if(sbbs->xtrn_mode & EX_BIN) {
......@@ -2206,8 +2212,10 @@ void passthru_thread(void* arg)
rd = telnet_expand((BYTE*)inbuf, rd, telnet_buf, sizeof(telnet_buf), /* expand_cr */false, &bp);
if(!RingBufWrite(&sbbs->outbuf, bp, rd)) {
lprintf(LOG_ERR,"Cannot pass from passthru socket to outbuf");
DWORD wr = RingBufWrite(&sbbs->outbuf, bp, rd);
if(wr != rd) {
lprintf(LOG_ERR,"Short-write (%ld of %ld bytes) from passthru socket to outbuf"
,(long)wr, (long)rd);
} else {
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