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QuickBBS structure definitions (for EXITINFO.BBS)

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/* QuickBBS Structure Definitions, Source: STRUCT.290 from QuickBBS v2.90 */
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* @format.use-tabs true (see *
* *
* Copyright Rob Swindell - *
* *
* This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or *
* modify it under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License *
* as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 *
* of the License, or (at your option) any later version. *
* See the GNU Lesser General Public License for more details: lgpl.txt or *
* *
* *
* For Synchronet coding style and modification guidelines, see *
* *
* *
* Note: If this box doesn't appear square, then you need to fix your tabs. *
#ifndef QBBSDEFS_H_
#define QBBSDEFS_H_
#include "pascal_types.hpp"
namespace QBBS {
using Pascal::String;
using Pascal::Byte;
using Pascal::Word;
using Pascal::Boolean;
using Pascal::Integer;
using Pascal::LongInt;
using Pascal::LongWord;
static const int USER_NAME_LEN = 35;
static const int USER_ATTRIB_DELETED = (1<<0);
static const int USER_ATTRIB_CLRSCRN = (1<<1);
static const int USER_ATTRIB_MORE = (1<<2);
static const int USER_ATTRIB_ANSI = (1<<3);
static const int USER_ATTRIB_NO_KILL = (1<<4);
static const int USER_ATTRIB_IGN_DL_HRS = (1<<5);
static const int USER_ATTRIB_ANSI_FSED = (1<<6);
static const int USER_ATTRIB_FEMALE = (1<<7);
static const int USER_ATTRIB2_GUEST = (1<<0);
static const int USER_ATTRIB2_SSR = (1<<1);
static const int USER_ATTRIB2_DIRTY = (1<<7);
#pragma pack(push,1) // Disk image structures must be packed
struct sysinfo {
LongInt CallCount;
String<USER_NAME_LEN> LastCallerName; // Just "LastCaller" in QuickBBS v2.75
String<USER_NAME_LEN> LastCallerAlias; // Not present in QuickBBS v2.75
Byte ExtraSpace[92];
struct timelog {
String<8> StartDate; // MM-DD-YY
Word BusyPerHour[24];
Word BusyPerDay[7];
struct user {
String<USER_NAME_LEN> Name;
String<25> Location; // "City"
// End of commonality with RemoteAccess
Byte Reserved; // Reserved, should always be 0 (used to be the password string length)
Byte Language;
LongInt PwdCrc; // Was PascalString<15> Password in QuickBBS v2.75
Word PwdChangeData,
ExpireData; // Number of days since 1/1/1900
LongInt HighMsgRead;
Byte Attrib2;
Byte ExtraSpace;
String<12> DataPhone;
String<12> HomePhone;
String<5> LastTime;
String<8> LastDate;
Byte Attrib;
LongWord Flags; // Byte[4]
Word Credit,
ObsoleteField, // Was HighMsgRead in QuickBBS v2.75
Integer Elapsed,
ScreenLength; // "Len" in QuickBBS STRUCT.*, "ScreenLength" in RemoteAccess STUCT.* (at different offset)
Word CombinedPtr; // Record number in COMBINED.BBS, Note: 0 signifies no combined record assigned
Word AliasPtr; // Record number in ALIAS.BBS, Note: 0 signifies no alias record assigned
LongInt Birthday; // Number of days since 1/1/1600
struct exitinfo {
Word BaudRate;
sysinfo SysInfo;
timelog TimeLogInfo;
user UserInfo;
Byte EventInfo[19]; // *NO LONGER* used, It should be initialized to NULL
Boolean NetMailEntered;
Boolean EchoMailEntered;
String<5> LoginTime;
String<8> LoginDate;
Integer TimeLimit; // TmLimit
LongInt LoginSec;
// End of commonality with RemoteAccess v2.52 EXITINFO.BBS definition (STRUCT.252)
LongInt Credit;
Integer UserRecNum;
Word ReadThru;
Integer PageTimes;
Integer DownLimit;
Boolean WantChat;
Byte GosubLevel;
String<8> GoSubDataType[20];
String<8> Menu;
// End of QuickBBS v2.75 EXITINFO.BBS definition (STRUCT.275)
Boolean ScreenClear,
Integer ScreenLength;
Boolean MNP_Connect;
String<48> ChatReason;
Boolean ExternLogoff;
Boolean ANSI_Capable;
// End of Synchronet v3.19b EXITINFO.BBS generation
Byte CurrentLanguage;
Boolean RIP_Active;
Byte ExtraSpace[199];
#pragma pack(pop) // original packing
} // namespace QBBS
#endif // Don't add anything after this line
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