Commit 2d9b410f authored by rswindell's avatar rswindell
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Added sanity checking of passive port range during startup/recycle.

parent 93174196
......@@ -4679,6 +4679,21 @@ void DLLCALL ftp_server(void* arg)
lprintf(LOG_DEBUG,"Maximum clients: %d",startup->max_clients);
/* Sanity-check the passive port range */
if(startup->pasv_port_low || startup->pasv_port_high) {
if(startup->pasv_port_low > startup->pasv_port_high
|| startup->pasv_port_high-startup->pasv_port_low < (startup->max_clients-1)) {
lprintf(LOG_WARNING,"!Correcting Passive Port Range (Low: %u, High: %u)"
startup->pasv_port_high = startup->pasv_port_low+(startup->max_clients-1);
startup->pasv_port_low = startup->pasv_port_high-(startup->max_clients-1);
lprintf(LOG_DEBUG,"Passive Port Low: %u",startup->pasv_port_low);
lprintf(LOG_DEBUG,"Passive Port High: %u",startup->pasv_port_high);
lprintf(LOG_DEBUG,"Maximum inactivity: %d seconds",startup->max_inactivity);
active_clients=0, update_clients();
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