Commit 2e591193 authored by rswindell's avatar rswindell
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For Mark Lewis:

When writing non-bundle file paths/names to BSO/FLO files, don't use the
delete (^) prefix unless the message has the "Kill Sent" attribute set. This
seems kind of wrong to me. The KFS "Kill File Sent" flag has been defined in
FSC-0053 since 1992, that seems more likely the appropriate flag to determine
if a message attachment should be deleted (or not) after being sent. But
parsing/using the "Flags" control line flags isn't already in SBBSecho, so
I'll just punt for now and do what Mark asked for. <shrug>
parent a62b1982
......@@ -852,7 +852,15 @@ int write_flofile(const char *infile, fidoaddr_t dest, bool bundle, bool use_out
lprintf(LOG_ERR, "ERROR line %u, attachment file not found: %s", __LINE__, attachment);
return -1;
SAFEPRINTF2(searchstr,"%c%s",bundle && (cfg.trunc_bundles) ? '#':'^', attachment);
char* prefix = "";
if(bundle) {
prefix = (cfg.trunc_bundles) ? "#" : "^";
} else {
// TODO: should this be checking for the KFS ("Kill File" from FSC-0053) Flag instead?
prefix = "^";
SAFEPRINTF2(searchstr, "%s%s", prefix, attachment);
if(findstr(searchstr,flo_filename)) /* file already in FLO file */
return 0;
if((fp=fopen(flo_filename,"a"))==NULL) {
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