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List of new features in v3.18

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* What's New in Synchronet Version 3.18 for Win32 *
* (ChangeLog since v3.17b for Win32 Jan 01, 2019) *
Terminal Server
o Server-side JavaScript for dynamically-loaded BBS modules
and dynamic-HTML indexes for FTP server
o UTF-8 support
- Auto-detect UTF-8 terminals
- Automatic translation of DOS/native door game output
- Auto-translation between ASCII/CP437, PETSCII, and UTF-8
- Create and read/translate UTF-8 encoded networked messages, email
- UNICODE display tricks (e.g. double-wide chars, special chars)
o New ARS keywords: UTF8, CP437, ASCII
o Improved CBM/PETSCII terminal support
o Improved support for 40-column terminals
o Improved support for terminals > 80 columns in width
o Bright-background (PETSCII and ANSI iCE-color) terminals supported
o Mouse-reporting terminal support (click-able menu options, scroll-wheel)
o Fast-logon support (logging-in as "!user-id"), enabled via modopts.ini
o Automatic detection of Raw TCP client connections on Telnet ports
o Automatic text-portion of multi-part MIME-messages in QWK message packets
o New operator option to delete numeric ranges of messages in sub-boards
o Configurable treatment of "Soft-CRs" created by external message editors
o @-codes:
- Many added (including some additional PCBoard codes)
- New output formatting options
o New helpful sysop debugging command: ECHO and EVAL
o Auto-ZMODEM upload of message text from user
(internal editor and fseditor.js)
o sexyz:
- Improved YMODEM-G file transfer reliability / compatibility
- Improved ZMODEM downloads where the receiver already has the file
o Built-in support for terminal output rate limiting
(e.g. 9600bps simulation) - requires compatible terminal
o Support the fast display of giant (e.g. multi-gigabyte) text files
o Arrow-up/down history scroll:
- sysop command arguments
- netmail recipient addresses
o Sunrise (DoorFrame) multinode door setup convenience environment variables:
o ftn-setup.js: menu-driven setup of several FidoNet-style networks
o xtrn-setup.js: menu-driven setup of many external programs (e.g. door games)
o Customizable spinning cursors (10 of them!) in the text.dat
o Easy *random* display file/menu selection (just use wildcards!)
o more loadable modules: automsg, list msgs, text_sec, logonlist
o Message base load/read/scan optimizations
o User notifications of messages posted to them via QWKnet
o install-xtrn.js: automated/wizard-like install of external programs
- run 'jsexec -auto /sbbs/xtrn/*' to auto-discover/install new xtrn progs
o Support for C-style escaping in trashcan/filter files
(e.g. "\ " or "\x20" for a leading space character)
o Sysop email notifications upon chat-paging and logged-errors
o user presence and private messages shared between webv4 and terminal users
o Windows build is now linked with dynamic C/C++ runtime libraries
o Ctrl-F (find) and Ctrl-G (repeat find) in SCFG and EchoCfg
o exportcfg.js: export SBBS configuration data to various file formats
o qnet-ftp.js: new QWKnet/FTP module
o FTP server file listing optimizations
o Numerous mail server improvements
(e.g. msg priority, MIME-encoded header fields)
o User security notifications: failed login attempts, password requests
o User password maximum length increased from 8 to 40 characters
o Sysop-reset of the failed-login/temp-ban list via "ctrl/clear" sem file
o Updated TLS/SSL/SSH library (Cryptlib 3.4.5) and patched for compatibility
and security
o Extended user credits and upload/download byte-stats from 2GB to 4GB
o JSexec default behavior can be configured via ctrl/jsexec.ini
o IPv6 socket support
o New methods: file_mode(), file_chmod(), utf8_encode(), utf8_decode(),
utf8_get_width(), str_is_utf8(), str_is_utf16(), str_is_ascii(),
str_has_ctrl(), js.exec(), system.get_node(), bbs.show_msg(),
bbs.show_msg_header(), bbs.download_msg_attachments(),
bbs.change_msg_attr(), console.wide(), console.output_rate,
MsgBase.get_index(), MsgBase.dump_msg_header(), system.notify(),
console.add_hotspot(), console.clear_hotspots(), console.scroll_hotspots(),
o New properties: system.min_password_length, system.max_password_length,
system.autodel, client.user_name, bbs.msghdr_top_of_screen, console.type,
console.charset, console.mouse_mode, console.current_row,
console.keyboard_buffer_level, console.keyboard_buffer_space, Queue.orphan,
msg_area.grp[]/grp_list[].can_access, msg_area.sub[].can_access,
file_area.lib[]/lib_list[].can_access, file_area.dir[].can_access
Control Panel
o FidoNet related menu items
o File->Run menu options to auto-install FidoNet networks, external programs
o Now defaults to "dark mode"
(File->Import Settings->sbbsctrl.darkmode.ini to choose it)
Web Server
o More RFC/standards-conformant HTTP[S] support
o HSTS support:
o Manyfold send-file through-put performance improvement
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