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Add new readsauce command.

parent 48c0e545
......@@ -258,3 +258,8 @@ $(SMBACTIV): $(SMBACTIV_OBJS)
@echo Linking $@
@echo Linking $@
......@@ -335,3 +335,6 @@ DSTSEDIT_OBJS = \
$(OBJODIR)$(DIRSEP)date_str$(OFILE) \
#include <stdbool.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <string.h>
#include "saucedefs.h"
#include "dirwrap.h"
char *types[] = {
char *descriptions[] = {
"Undefined filetype.",
"A character based file.",
"Bitmap graphic and animation files.",
"A vector graphic file.",
"An audio file.",
"This is a raw memory copy of a text mode screen. Also known as a .BIN file.",
"An XBin or eXtended BIN file.",
"An archive file.",
"A executable file."
struct filetype {
uint8_t dtype;
uint8_t ftype;
char *name;
char *desc;
char *ti1n;
char *ti2n;
char *ti3n;
bool has_ansiflags;
bool has_fontname;
bool filetype_is_width;
struct filetype ftypes[] = {
{0,0,"-","Undefined filetype.",NULL,NULL,NULL,false,false,false},
{1,0,"ASCII","Plain ASCII text file with no formatting codes or color codes.","Character width","Number of lines",NULL,true,true,false},
{1,1,"ANSi","A file with ANSi coloring codes and cursor positioning.","Character width","Number of lines",NULL,true,true,false},
{1,2,"ANSiMation","Like an ANSi file, but it relies on a fixed screen size.","Character width","Character screen height",NULL,true,true,false},
{1,3,"RIP script","Remote Imaging Protocol graphics.","Pixel width (640) ","Pixel height (350) ","Number of colors (16) ",false,false,false},
{1,4,"PCBoard","A file with PCBoard color codes and macros, and ANSi codes.","Character width","Number of lines",NULL,false,false,false},
{1,5,"Avatar","A file with Avatar color codes, and ANSi codes.","Character width","Number of lines",NULL,false,false,false},
{1,6,"HTML","HyperText Markup Language",NULL,NULL,NULL,false,false,false},
{1,7,"Source","Source code for some programming language.\nThe file extension should determine the programming language.",NULL,NULL,NULL,false,false,false},
{1,8,"TundraDraw","A TundraDraw file.\nLike ANSI, but with a custom palette.","Character width","Number of lines",NULL,false,false,false},
{2,0,"GIF","CompuServe Graphics Interchange Format","Pixel width ","Pixel height ","Pixel depth",false,false,false},
{2,1,"PCX","ZSoft Paintbrush PCX","Pixel width ","Pixel height ","Pixel depth",false,false,false},
{2,2,"LBM/IFF","DeluxePaint LBM/IFF","Pixel width ","Pixel height ","Pixel depth",false,false,false},
{2,3,"TGA","Targa Truecolor","Pixel width ","Pixel height ","Pixel depth",false,false,false},
{2,4,"FLI","Autodesk FLI animation","Pixel width ","Pixel height ","Pixel depth",false,false,false},
{2,5,"FLC","Autodesk FLC animation","Pixel width ","Pixel height ","Pixel depth",false,false,false},
{2,6,"BMP","Windows or OS/2 Bitmap","Pixel width ","Pixel height ","Pixel depth",false,false,false},
{2,7,"GL","Grasp GL Animation","Pixel width ","Pixel height ","Pixel depth",false,false,false},
{2,8,"DL","DL Animation","Pixel width ","Pixel height ","Pixel depth",false,false,false},
{2,9,"WPG","Wordperfect Bitmap","Pixel width ","Pixel height ","Pixel depth",false,false,false},
{2,10,"PNG","Portable Network Graphics","Pixel width ","Pixel height ","Pixel depth",false,false,false},
{2,11,"JPG/JPeg","JPeg image (any subformat)","Pixel width ","Pixel height ","Pixel depth",false,false,false},
{2,12,"MPG","MPeg video (any subformat)","Pixel width ","Pixel height ","Pixel depth",false,false,false},
{2,13,"AVI","Audio Video Interleave (any subformat)","Pixel width ","Pixel height ","Pixel depth",false,false,false},
{3,0,"DXF","CAD Drawing eXchange Format",NULL,NULL,NULL,false,false,false},
{3,1,"DWG","AutoCAD Drawing File",NULL,NULL,NULL,false,false,false},
{3,2,"WPG","WordPerfect or DrawPerfect vector graphics",NULL,NULL,NULL,false,false,false},
{3,3,"3DS","3D Studio",NULL,NULL,NULL,false,false,false},
{4,0,"MOD","4, 6 or 8 channel MOD (NoiseTracker)",NULL,NULL,NULL,false,false,false},
{4,1,"669","Renaissance 8 channel 669",NULL,NULL,NULL,false,false,false},
{4,2,"STM","Future Crew 4 channel ScreamTracker",NULL,NULL,NULL,false,false,false},
{4,3,"S3M","Future Crew variable channel ScreamTracker 3",NULL,NULL,NULL,false,false,false},
{4,4,"MTM","Renaissance variable channel MultiTracker",NULL,NULL,NULL,false,false,false},
{4,5,"FAR","Farandole composer",NULL,NULL,NULL,false,false,false},
{4,7,"AMF","DMP/DSMI Advanced Module Format",NULL,NULL,NULL,false,false,false},
{4,8,"DMF","Delusion Digital Music Format (XTracker)",NULL,NULL,NULL,false,false,false},
{4,10,"ROL","AdLib ROL file (FM audio)",NULL,NULL,NULL,false,false,false},
{4,11,"CMF","Creative Music File (FM Audio)",NULL,NULL,NULL,false,false,false},
{4,12,"MID","MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface)",NULL,NULL,NULL,false,false,false},
{4,13,"SADT","SAdT composer (FM Audio)",NULL,NULL,NULL,false,false,false},
{4,14,"VOC","Creative Voice File",NULL,NULL,NULL,false,false,false},
{4,15,"WAV","Waveform Audio File Format",NULL,NULL,NULL,false,false,false},
{4,16,"SMP8","Raw, single channel 8bit sample","Sample rate",NULL,NULL,false,false,false},
{4,17,"SMP8S","Raw, stereo 8 bit sample","Sample rate",NULL,NULL,false,false,false},
{4,18,"SMP16","Raw, single-channel 16 bit sample","Sample rate",NULL,NULL,false,false,false},
{4,19,"SMP16S","Raw, stereo 16 bit sample","Sample rate",NULL,NULL,false,false,false},
{4,20,"PATCH8","8 Bit patch file",NULL,NULL,NULL,false,false,false},
{4,21,"PATCH16","16 bit patch file",NULL,NULL,NULL,false,false,false},
{4,22,"XM","FastTracker ][ module",NULL,NULL,NULL,false,false,false},
{4,23,"HSC","HSC Tracker (FM Audio)",NULL,NULL,NULL,false,false,false},
{4,24,"IT","Impulse Tracker",NULL,NULL,NULL,false,false,false},
{5,0 ,"-","Binary screen image",NULL,NULL,NULL,true,true,true},
{6,0,"-","eXtended Bin","Character width","Number of lines",NULL,false,false,false},
{7,0,"ZIP","PKWare Zip.",NULL,NULL,NULL,false,false,false},
{7,1,"ARJ","Archive Robert K. Jung",NULL,NULL,NULL,false,false,false},
{7,2,"LZH","Haruyasu Yoshizaki (Yoshi)",NULL,NULL,NULL,false,false,false},
{7,4,"TAR","Unix TAR",NULL,NULL,NULL,false,false,false},
{8,0,"-","Any executable file. .exe, .dll, .bat, ...\nExecutable scripts such as .vbs should be tagged as Source.",NULL,NULL,NULL,false,false,false},
struct fontinfo {
char *name;
char *size;
char *resolution;
char *dar;
char *par;
char *stretch;
char *desc;
bool has_8px;
struct fontinfo finfo[] = {
{"IBM VGA","9x16","720x400","4:3","20:27 (1:1.35)","35%","Standard hardware font on VGA cards for 80x25 text mode (code page 437)",true},
{" ","8x16","640x400","4:3","6:5 (1:1.2)","20%","Modified stats when using an 8 pixel wide version of \"IBM VGA\" or code page variant.",false},
{"IBM VGA50","9x8","720x400","4:3","20:27 (1:1.35)","35%","Standard hardware font on VGA cards for condensed 80x50 text mode (code page 437)",true},
{" ","8x8","640x400","4:3","5:6 (1:1.2)","20%","Modified stats when using an 8 pixel wide version of \"IBM VGA50\" or code page variant.",false},
{"IBM VGA25G","8x19","640x480","4:3","1:1","0%","Custom font for emulating 80x25 in VGA graphics mode 12 (640x480 16 color) (code page 437).",false},
{"IBM EGA","8x14","640x350","4:3","35:48 (1:1.3714)","37.14%","Standard hardware font on EGA cards for 80x25 text mode (code page 437)",false},
{"IBM EGA43","8x8","640x350","4:3","35:48 (1:1.3714)","37.14%","Standard hardware font on EGA cards for condensed 80x43 text mode (code page 437)",false},
{"IBM VGA ### [8]","9x16","720x400","4:3","20:27 (1:1.35)","35%","Software installed code page font for VGA 80x25 text mode",false},
{"IBM VGA50 ### [8]","9x8","720x400","4:3","20:27 (1:1.35)","35%","Software installed code page font for VGA condensed 80x50 text mode",false},
{"IBM VGA25G ### [8]","8x19","640x480","4:3","1:1","0%","Custom font for emulating 80x25 in VGA graphics mode 12 (640x480 16 color).",false},
{"IBM EGA ### [8]","8x14","640x350","4:3","35:48 (1:1.3714)","37.14%","Software installed code page font for EGA 80x25 text mode",false},
{"IBM EGA43 ### [8]","8x8","640x350","4:3","35:48 (1:1.3714)","37.14%","Software installed code page font for EGA condensed 80x43 text mode",false},
{"Amiga Topaz 1","8x8","640x200","4:3","5:12 (1:2.4)","140%","Original Amiga Topaz Kickstart 1.x font. (A500, A1000, A2000)",false},
{"Amiga Topaz 1+","8x8","640x200","4:3","5:12 (1:2.4)","140%","Modified Amiga Topaz Kickstart 1.x font. (A500, A1000, A2000)",false},
{"Amiga Topaz 2","8x8","640x200","4:3","5:12 (1:2.4)","140%","Original Amiga Topaz Kickstart 2.x font (A600, A1200, A4000)",false},
{"Amiga Topaz 2+","8x8","640x200","4:3","5:12 (1:2.4)","140%","Modified Amiga Topaz Kickstart 2.x font (A600, A1200, A4000)",false},
{"Amiga P0T-NOoDLE","8x8","640x200","4:3","5:12 (1:2.4)","140%","Original P0T-NOoDLE font.",false},
{"Amiga MicroKnight","8x8","640x200","4:3","5:12 (1:2.4)","140%","Original MicroKnight font.",false},
{"Amiga MicroKnight+","8x8","640x200","4:3","5:12 (1:2.4)","140%","Modified MicroKnight font.",false},
{"Amiga mOsOul","8x8","640x200","4:3","5:12 (1:2.4)","140%","Original mOsOul font.",false},
{"C64 PETSCII unshifted","8x8","320x200","4:3","5:6 (1:1.2)","20%","Original Commodore PETSCII font (PET, VIC-20, C64, CBM-II, Plus/4, C16, C116 and C128) in the unshifted mode. Unshifted mode (graphics) only has uppercase letters and additional graphic characters. This is the normal boot font.",false},
{"C64 PETSCII shifted","8x8","320x200","4:3","5:6 (1:1.2)","20%","Original PETSCII font in shifted mode. Shifted mode (text) has both uppercase and lowercase letters. This mode is actuated by pressing Shift+Commodore key.",false},
{"Atari ATASCII","8x8","320x192","4:3","4:5 (1:1.25)","25%","Original ATASCII font (Atari 400, 800, XL, XE)",false},
int main(int argc, char **argv)
FILE *f;
int i, j, k;
struct sauce sauce;
char *buf;
for (i=1; i<argc; i++) {
if (!fexist(argv[i])) {
fprintf(stderr, "No such file %s.\n", argv[i]);
if (flength(argv[i]) < 128) {
fprintf(stderr, "No SAUCE record in %s.\n", argv[i]);
f = fopen(argv[i], "rb");
if (f == NULL) {
fprintf(stderr, "Unable to open %s.\n", argv[i]);
fseek(f, -128, SEEK_END);
if (fread(&sauce, sizeof(sauce), 1, f) < 1) {
fprintf(stderr, "Unable to read SAUCE record from %s.\n", argv[i]);
if (strncmp(, "SAUCE", 5)) {
fprintf(stderr, "No SAUCE record in %s.\n", argv[i]);
if (strncmp(sauce.ver, "00", 2)) {
fprintf(stderr, "Unsupported SAUCE version %.2s in %s.\n", sauce.ver, argv[i]);
fprintf(stdout, "--- %s ---\n", argv[i]);
if (sauce.title[0])
fprintf(stdout, "Title: %.35s\n", sauce.title);
if ([0])
fprintf(stdout, "Author: %.20s\n",;
if ([0])
fprintf(stdout, "Group: %.20s\n",;
if ([0] &&[1] &&[2] &&[3] &&[4] &&[5] &&[6] &&[7])
fprintf(stdout, "Date: %.4s-%.2s-%.2s\n",,,;
if (sauce.datatype < sizeof(types)/sizeof(types[0]))
fprintf(stdout, "Type: %s (%hhu)\n", types[sauce.datatype], sauce.datatype);
fprintf(stdout, "Type: Invalid Type (%hhu)\n", sauce.datatype);
for (j=0; j<sizeof(ftypes)/sizeof(ftypes[0]); j++) {
if (ftypes[j].dtype == sauce.datatype && (ftypes[j].ftype == sauce.filetype || ftypes[j].filetype_is_width)) {
fprintf(stdout, "FileType: %s (%hhu)\n", ftypes[j].name, sauce.filetype);
if (sauce.tinfo1 && ftypes[j].ti1n)
fprintf(stdout, "%s: %" PRIu16 "\n", ftypes[j].ti1n, sauce.tinfo1);
if (sauce.tinfo2 && ftypes[j].ti2n)
fprintf(stdout, "%s: %" PRIu16 "\n", ftypes[j].ti2n, sauce.tinfo2);
if (sauce.tinfo3 && ftypes[j].ti3n)
fprintf(stdout, "%s: %" PRIu16 "\n", ftypes[j].ti3n, sauce.tinfo3);
if (ftypes[j].filetype_is_width && sauce.filetype)
fprintf(stdout, "Width: %u\n", sauce.filetype*2);
if (ftypes[j].has_ansiflags) {
if (sauce.tflags & sauce_ansiflag_nonblink)
puts("\tNon-blink mode (iCE Color)");
if (sauce.tflags & sauce_ansiflag_spacing_mask) {
switch(sauce.tflags & sauce_ansiflag_spacing_mask) {
case sauce_ansiflag_spacing_8pix:
puts("\tSelect 8 pixel font.");
case sauce_ansiflag_spacing_9pix:
puts("\tSelect 9 pixel font.");
if (sauce.tflags & sauce_ansiflag_ratio_mask) {
switch(sauce.tflags & sauce_ansiflag_ratio_mask) {
case sauce_ansiflag_ratio_rect:
puts("\tImage was created for a legacy device without square pixels.");
case sauce_ansiflag_ratio_square:
puts("\tImage was created for a modern device with square pixels.");
if (ftypes[j].has_fontname) {
if (sauce.tinfos[0]) {
fprintf(stdout, "FontName: %.22s\n", sauce.tinfos);
for (k = 0; k<sizeof(finfo)/sizeof(finfo[0]); k++) {
if (strncmp(sauce.tinfos, finfo[k].name, 22) == 0) {
if (finfo[k].has_8px && (sauce.tflags & sauce_ansiflag_spacing_8pix))
fprintf(stdout,"\tFont Size: %s\n", finfo[k].size);
fprintf(stdout,"\tResolution: %s\n", finfo[k].resolution);
fprintf(stdout,"\tDisplay Aspect Ratio: %s\n", finfo[k].dar);
fprintf(stdout,"\tPixel Aspect Ratio: %s\n", finfo[k].par);
fprintf(stdout,"\tVertical Stretch: %s\n", finfo[k].stretch);
fprintf(stdout,"\tDescription: %s\n", finfo[k].desc);
if (sauce.comments) {
if (fseek(f, -128-(sauce.comments*64)-5, SEEK_END)) {
fputs("Unable to locate comment block\n", stderr);
else {
buf = malloc(sauce.comments*64+5);
if (buf) {
if (fread(buf, sauce.comments*64+5, 1, f) != 1) {
fputs("Error reading SAUCE comment block.\n", stderr);
else {
if (strncmp(buf, "COMNT", 5)) {
fputs("Invalid comment block.\n", stderr);
else {
for (j=0; j<sauce.comments; j++) {
fprintf(stdout, "\t%.64s\n", buf+5+(j*64));
......@@ -36,6 +36,7 @@ DELFILES = $(EXEODIR)$(DIRSEP)delfiles$(EXEFILE)
......@@ -44,7 +45,7 @@ UTILS = $(FIXSMB) $(CHKSMB) \
all: dlls utils console
......@@ -114,3 +115,4 @@ $(DELFILES): $(XPDEV_LIB)
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