Commit 37f9f8ee authored by rswindell's avatar rswindell
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Changed description of EVENT_INIT option (init or re-init).

parent 85bf8568
......@@ -383,7 +383,7 @@ This is the internal code for the timed event.
,cfg.event[i]->misc&XTRN_SH ? "Yes" : "No");
sprintf(opt[k++],"%-32.32s%s","Background Execution"
,cfg.event[i]->misc&EX_BG ? "Yes" : "No");
sprintf(opt[k++],"%-32.32s%s","Always Run After Initialization"
sprintf(opt[k++],"%-32.32s%s","Always Run After Init/Re-init"
,cfg.event[i]->misc&EVENT_INIT ? "Yes":"No");
......@@ -701,13 +701,13 @@ set this option to Yes. Exclusive events will not run in the background.
`Always Run After Initialization:`
`Always Run After Initialization or Re-initialization:`
If you want this event to always run after the BBS is initialized or
re-initialized, set this option to ~Yes~.
,"Always Run After Initialization",opt);
,"Always Run After Initialization or Re-initialization",opt);
if(!k && !(cfg.event[i]->misc&EVENT_INIT)) {
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