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For subs that allow voting, getposts() will exclude vote messages from total.

Vote messages and poll closures are not displayed to users as messages, so
exclude them from the total "posts" returned from getposts(). This uses
the new smb_msg_count() function which is slower than simply checking the
size of the index file (*.sid) and dividing by the index record size. So
for sub-boards that don't support voting, use the old/faster scheme.
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......@@ -79,14 +79,25 @@ long DLLCALL getfiles(scfg_t* cfg, uint dirnum)
ulong DLLCALL getposts(scfg_t* cfg, uint subnum)
char str[128];
ulong l;
if(cfg->sub[subnum]->misc & SUB_NOVOTING) {
char path[MAX_PATH + 1];
off_t l;
SAFEPRINTF2(path, "%s%s.sid", cfg->sub[subnum]->data_dir, cfg->sub[subnum]->code);
l = flength(path);
if(l < sizeof(idxrec_t))
return 0;
return l / sizeof(idxrec_t);
smb_t smb = {{0}};
SAFEPRINTF2(smb.file, "%s%s", cfg->sub[subnum]->data_dir, cfg->sub[subnum]->code);
smb.retry_time = cfg->smb_retry_time;
smb.subnum = subnum;
if(smb_open_index(&smb) != SMB_SUCCESS)
return 0;
size_t result = smb_msg_count(&smb, (1 << SMB_MSG_TYPE_NORMAL) | (1 << SMB_MSG_TYPE_POLL));
return result;
BOOL inc_sys_upload_stats(scfg_t* cfg, ulong files, ulong bytes)
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