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Add list of SBBSecho changes since the last Synchronet release.

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......@@ -93,6 +93,28 @@ o New properties: system.min_password_length, system.max_password_length,
msg_area.grp[]/grp_list[].can_access, msg_area.sub[].can_access,
file_area.lib[]/lib_list[].can_access, file_area.dir[].can_access
o Import performance improvements (new smblib, twitlist caching)
o Configurable Soft-CR (0x8D) import behavior: default is to leave-alone
o AreaFix support for links with 5D addresses (zone:net/node[.point]@domain)
o Tic passwords up to 40 chars in length
o Explicit CHRS and NOTE header (control paragraph) import/export support
o Ctrl-A to '@' import-conversion for invalid control paragraphs
o Better "Kill Sent" (KFS) support on exported mail
o Export the original message author's editor columns (COLS kludge) when known
o Simplified and more deterministic TZUTC (timezone) import logic
(just store the UTC offset, don't infer the location)
o Ability to operate without an Area File (for systems with no downlinks)
(set AutoAddsSubs=true, AutoAddToAreaFile=false)
o Auto-detection of UTF-8 encoded message body text
(and never strip Soft-CRs from them)
o sbbsecho.ini format is more compatible crudini/python-iniparse
o NetMail Robots (e.g. tickit-FileFix, a.k.a. TickFix) are now supported
o New remote FileFix module (tickfix.js) for use with tickit.js
o Removed old 80-column word-wrap on import behavior
o Include Message and Reply-IDs in export NetMail messages
Control Panel
o FidoNet related menu items
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