Commit 462746a3 authored by deuce's avatar deuce
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Fix copy/paste error.

parent 352df581
......@@ -579,12 +579,12 @@ DLLCALL js_SyncResolve(JSContext* cx, JSObject* obj, char *name, jsSyncPropertyS
if(consts) {
for(i=0;ints[i].name;i++) {
for(i=0;consts[i].name;i++) {
if(name==NULL || strcmp(name, consts[i].name)==0) {
if(!JS_NewNumberValue(cx, ints[i].val, &val))
if(!JS_NewNumberValue(cx, consts[i].val, &val))
if(!JS_DefineProperty(cx, obj, ints[i].name, val ,NULL, NULL, flags))
if(!JS_DefineProperty(cx, obj, consts[i].name, val ,NULL, NULL, flags))
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