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Install webv4 too and use symlinks for most directories.

The webv4 directory is now part of the repo, so install it to the
install target directory too.

When SYMLINK=1 is used, symlink the following directories (rather
than copying): docs, exec, text, web, webv4, and xtrn. This will
hopefully make subsequenit updating (via git) easier for most sysops that use
this installation method. Let the merge conflicts insue.
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......@@ -40,7 +40,7 @@ endif
INSBIN := ln -sf
INSBIN := cp
INSBIN := cp -r
ifdef bcc
......@@ -253,28 +253,31 @@ endif
src: $(REPODIR)
run: $(SBBSDIR)/ctrl $(SBBSDIR)/docs $(SBBSDIR)/exec $(SBBSDIR)/node1 $(SBBSDIR)/text $(SBBSDIR)/web $(SBBSDIR)/xtrn
run: $(SBBSDIR)/ctrl $(SBBSDIR)/docs $(SBBSDIR)/exec $(SBBSDIR)/node1 $(SBBSDIR)/text $(SBBSDIR)/web $(SBBSDIR)/webv4 $(SBBSDIR)/xtrn
cp -r $(REPODIR)/ctrl $(SBBSDIR)
cp -r $(REPODIR)/docs $(SBBSDIR)
cp -r $(REPODIR)/exec $(SBBSDIR)
$(SBBSDIR)/node1: $(REPODIR)
cp -r $(REPODIR)/node1 $(SBBSDIR)
cp -r $(REPODIR)/text $(SBBSDIR)
cp -r $(REPODIR)/web $(SBBSDIR)
$(SBBSDIR)/webv4: $(REPODIR)
cp -r $(REPODIR)/xtrn $(SBBSDIR)
@[ ! -e $(SBBSDIR) ] && mkdir $(SBBSDIR);
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