Commit 4ccb9588 authored by Deon George's avatar Deon George

Fix for Microsoft C++ compiler

parent 8b4f368d
......@@ -240,13 +240,17 @@ BOOL DLLCALL xpms_add_chararray_list(struct xpms_set *xpms_set, int domain, int
/* Convert a binary variable into a hex string - used for printing in the debug log */
static void btox(char *hexstr, const char *srcbuf, size_t srcbuflen, size_t hexstrlen, int (*lprintf)(int level, const char *fmt, ...))
int i;
if (hexstrlen < srcbuflen*2+1) {
lprintf(LOG_WARNING,"btox hexstr buffer too small [%d] - not all data will be processed",hexstrlen);
srcbuflen = hexstrlen/2-1;
*hexstr = '\0';
for (int i=0;i<srcbuflen;i++) sprintf(hexstr+strlen(hexstr),"%02x",(unsigned char)srcbuf[i]);
for (i=0;i<srcbuflen;i++) {
sprintf(hexstr+strlen(hexstr),"%02x",(unsigned char)srcbuf[i]);
static BOOL read_socket(SOCKET sock, char *buffer, size_t len, int (*lprintf)(int level, const char *fmt, ...))
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