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Merge branch 'ddmr_sync320_xtrn_ini' into 'master'

DDMsgReader: For Synchronet >= 3.20, read external editor quote wrap setting from xtrn.ini (rather than xtrn.cnf)

See merge request !236
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Digital Distortion Message Reader
Version 1.58
Release date: 2022-12-14
Version 1.59
Release date: 2022-12-29
......@@ -5,6 +5,13 @@ Revision History (change log)
Version Date Description
------- ---- -----------
1.59 2022-12-29 For Synchronet above 3.20, now reads the external editor
quote wrap setting from xtrn.ini. Below version 3.20, the
quote wrap setting is read from xtrn.cnf.
Also, there's a new user setting to toggle whether or not
to use the scrollbar in the scrolling reader. Currently
there is no alternate progress displayed if not using the
scrollbar, but that is planned for a future update.
1.58 2022-12-14 Now wraps quote lines, if applicable, according to the
quote line wrap settings of the user's external editor,
if the user uses one
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